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Registration and Enrollment

Registration and Enrollment

1. Please follow the instructions and schedule indicated in the admission notice to complete the enrollment process.

2. Admitted students should submit at the time of registration the original copy of diploma and transcript authenticated by a Taiwan Overseas Representative Office, an institute established or appointed by or a private agency commissioned by the Executive Yuan. (All original documents will be returned after inspection.)

3. Anyone who applies for a resident visa in Taiwan must submit an official certification of measles and German measles vaccination.

Tuition and Fee Standard

1. Tuitions, fees and expenses for each semester are as follows (for reference only):
a. The fees listed below are based on the academic year of 2018, and the actual fee amount will be applicable according to that which will be announced in the year of registration.
  b. Tuitions and Fees
  Colleges & Departments
Bachelor Programs Master’s Programs PhD programs
College of Education (all departments), College of Social Sciences and Physical Education (all departments), College of Liberal Arts (except for Department of Fine Arts and Department of Geography)
College of Science (all departments), Department of Art, Department of Geography
Department of Industrial Education and Technology
College of Engineering (all departments), Graduate Institute of Vehicle Engineering
College of Management (all departments), Department of Finance, Graduate Institute of Human Resource Management
c. Dormitory Fees (including expenses for air-conditioning and internet access)NT$ 5,930 - NT$ 9,230
  d. Other fees
  Item Fee
Internship fee (English Department, first to fourth year)   NT$816
Computer and internet fee   NT$480
Student safety insurance   NT$131
  e. Health Insurance: For information about health insurance please contact the Student Service Section at the Office of Student Affairs.
  2. Living expenses for each semester are approximately NT$25,000-35,000. They may vary depending on individual preferences.