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Registration and Enrollment

Enrollment Time:

The first semester of 2020 academic year (September, 2020)


Terms of Study

Undergraduate program: 4-6 years

Master’s program: 1-4 years

Ph.D. program: 2-7 years


Release of Admission Results

  1. The list of new students admitted to NCUE will be posted on the NCUE website homepage and Office of Academic Affairs website (

Release Date: Wednesday, May 8, 2020 (Friday).

  1. Besides the release of admission results on the website, admission notices will be sent to the postal addresses provided by applicants.

Sending date: May 13, 2020 (Wednesday).

Please provide the actual mailing address for sending the acceptance/ non-acceptance letter. The applicant shall assume full responsibility of the consequences if the acceptance/ non-acceptance letter is undeliverable due to an incorrect mailing address provided.


Registration and Enrollment

  1. Please follow the instructions and schedule indicated in the admission notice to complete the enrollment process.
  2. Admitted students should submit at the time of registration the original copy of the official highest academic credential from a foreign school and yearly grade reports authenticated by a Taiwan Overseas Representative Office, an institute established or appointed by or a private agency commissioned by the Executive Yuan. (All original documents will be returned after inspection.)
  3. Anyone who applies for a resident visa in Taiwan must submit an official certification of measles and German measles vaccination.