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College of Education


College of Education [web]

  The College of Education is a leader in the field of education in Taiwan, and its outstanding alumni are renowned throughout the academic community.
  Providing professional services for students, teachers, and the community, the college boasts a variety of specialized centers, including the Counseling Teaching and Research Center, the Expressive Therapy Teaching Center, the Chinese Career Research Center, the Gender and Family   Research Center, the Special Education Center, and the Applied Behavior Analysis Research and Development Center.
  The mission of the college is to nurture professionals in the fields of education, counseling, rehabilitation, and special education. NCUE is responsive to national social developmental and educational policies and has established interdisciplinary education programs.
  Furthermore, NCUE was the fiirst Taiwanese college to offer degree-seeking programs in Malaysia.
  By engaging in building strong connections with leading universities worldwide, the College of Education has created an academic environment that develops and renes students’ professional skills while emphasizing a broad, global outlook. The college regularly collaborates  with sister schools to sustain its current academic leadership in the field of education.


Graduate Institute of Education [web]  

1.Emphasizing advanced educational research.
2.Cultivating excellent teachers and school adminstrators.
3.Establishing continuing teacher education master programs for in-service teachers and school administrators.
Tel:04-7232105 Ext.2015~2017


Department of Special Education [web]

1.Training excellent special teachers and administrators.
2.Enhancing special educators` professional knowledge and skills.
3.Promoting in-service teachers continuing education. 
4.Providing consultation services for identifying and teaching students with special needs.
5.Emphasizing advanced special education research.
Tel:04-7232105 Ext.2404~2407


Department and Graduate Institute of Guidance And Counseling  [web]

1.Training professional school counselors and school psychologists.
2.Training professional counselors for various community mental health settings.
3.Providing and emphasizing counseling specialties in training.
4.Building research abilities in counseling and psycho-education.
5.The oldest, largest and leading department of The guidance and counseling field in Taiwan.
Tel:04-7232105 Ext.2202~2208


Graduate Institute of Rehabilitation Counseling  [web] 

1. Advocating the equal rights for people with disabilities. 
2. Cultivating professionals in rehabilitation counseling practice and research.
3. Promoting the development of rehabilitation counseling services.
Tel:04-7232105 Ext.2448~2449
Fax:04- 7211251