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College of Arts [web]

  Formalized as a college in 2000, the College of Arts has offered programs in the arts, literature, languages, history, and geography for more than 40 years. This pioneering institute has brightened the academic canopy of central Taiwan and has been a beacon of harmony among students and faculty with diverse backgrounds. Over the 40 years, the college has produced 5,600 proud graduates, many of whom have gone on to teach at numerous schools nationwide.
  The college takes pride in training teachers and industry specialists to become principled, culturally sensitive professionals. It maintains an academic environment wherein comprehensive English programs enhance the talents of education professionals in the industrial community, after which they can serve as engines of global development.
  Students who study Chinese/Taiwanese literature enjoy a campus lifestyle that emphasizes an optimistic and ambitious global vision. The Department of Art, characterized by its modern and professional teaching approach, has established an artistic working community for Taiwan’s artists and art researchers. In the fields of geography, tourism, and environment studies, concepts such as geographic information systems (GIS) are introduced to encourage students to become  environmentally conscious. The Graduate Institute of History offers programs that link the humanities and sciences through a geohistorical perspective. The institute has created and owns a history map of Taiwan that attracts a wide array of researchers. 




Department and Graduate Institute of English 

1.More theories and practices in language teaching.
2.Wider involvement in research opportunities.
3.Heavier emphases on English for Special Purposes (ESP).
4.Livelier integration of linguistics, literature, EFL / ESL, Translation/Interpretation, and Children’s English.
Tel:04-7232105 Ext.2505
Fax:04- 7211183


Graduate Institute of Children`s English

1.Closer teamwork with the Department English.
2.Wider involvement in research opportunities. 
3.Deeper integration of linguistics with TESOL, Children and Young Adult Literature.
Tel:04-7232105 Ext.2562


Graduate Institute of Translation and Interpretation  

1. Balance of theory and practice. 
2. Balance of oral and written translation. 
3. Wide scope of involvement in humanities, economics and business, law and politics, and technology.
Tel:04-7232105 Ext.2552


Department and Graduate Institute of Geography [web]

1. Natural environment and conservation.
2. Land resource and regional planning.
3. Spatial information system and application.
4. Geography education and teacher cultivation.
5. Sustainable tourism and recreation.
Tel:04-7232105 Ext. 2805~2807


Department and Graduate Institute of Chinese [web]

    The Department of Chinese focuses mainly on research and development in four major areas, namely the study of Chinese philosophy, the study of ancient and modern Chinese poems, compiling, and editing teaching materials and teaching methodology, and lastly, the study of Chinese languages, characters and rhetoric.
Tel:04-7232105 Ext. 2605


Department and Graduate Institute of Art  [web] 

1.Prepare high quality art professionals. 
2.Promote cross-cultural exchange and collaboration, and enhance The quality of artistic academic research. 
3.Foster outstanding and highly qualified art educators.
Tel:04-7232105 Ext. 2703, 2705


Graduate Institute of History  [web]

    The research fields of our faculty members include Qin and Han Dynasty History, Urban History, Ming Dynasty History, History of water utilization, Taiwan Forestry History, History of Disease and Environmental History. Because we only have an M.A. Program, we concentrate our efforts on offering interdisciplinary courses, in order to cultivate qualified researchers specializing in the study of Geographical History. Our students are thereby encouraged to learn using GIS(Geography Information System) in historical or Geographical Historical research. As an educational university, we also provide historical courses.
Tel:04-7232105 Ext. 1932,1933


Graduate Institute of Taiwanese Literature 

    Unearthing cultural resources and integrating traditional arts, setting up a research center for local Taiwanese geography and history, establishing the study of Chanaghua, and reviving its splendor.
Tel:04-7232105 Ext. 2655, 2656