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College of Management  [web]

  Founded in 2002, the College of Management currently has three departments, ve graduate institutes, and three in-service master programs, namely the Executive Master of Business Administration (EMBA), the Innovation and Management Master of Business Administration (IMMBA), and the International Master of Business Administration (IMBA).
  Upholding the spirit of innovation and excellence, the college fosters the development of management professionals with highly sought-after skills. Students in the Department of Accounting, for example, are so highly skilled that almost every new graduate is employed by one of the top four accounting companies of Taiwan. Some are even recruited as undergraduates during their sophomore or junior year.
  The teachers and students at our college enjoy a very favorable learning and teaching environment. The college boasts excellent teaching staff and first-rate facilities. With all of these advantages, the College of Management is committed to transforming its students into specialists with strategic management skills and vision, who will enjoy a multitude of opportunities in domestic industries as well as international corporations.


Department and Graduate Institute of Information Management  [web] 

    The department offers academic programs in Undergraduate and Master levels to assist students in developing knowledge & skills in Information Management & Technologies, Networking Technology & Database Management, and Digital Content. Educational objectives and core competences are carefully revised and enforced in course planning and teaching with specific checklist and assessment mechanisms to improve students' learning, and thus competitiveness in future job market.
Tel:04-7232105 Ext. 7605


Department and Graduate Institute of Accounting  [web]

1.Establishing a broad academic foundation.
2.Cultivating highly professional accountants for The modern society.
3.Cultivating professional managers in Accounting Information Systems.
Tel:04-7232105 Ext. 7505、7506


Department of Business Administration [web]

    Integration of resources in teaching and research to cultivate outstanding managers with professional management knowledge, broad global visions and business ethics for companies.
Tel:04-7232105 Ext. 7405、7406

Department of Finance  [web] 

1. Our programs have been designed primarily for students who want to enter the finance sectors and all levels of domestic business schools.
2.Our research strengths are focused in finance, human resource, and business education, and our research groups that tackle these cross cutting themes.
Tel:04-7232105 Ext. 7302、7305