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Before Arrival



Admission Letter, Visa, ARC

  • Admission Letter

After your application approval, an admission letter will be send through EMAIL to your home university and you. You can use this to apply for a visa.



Foreign nationals are those who hold ordinary passports or other legal travel documents and who intend to stay in Taiwan for no more than six months for the purpose of short-term study as approved by MOFA.


  • ARC (Alien Resident Certificate)


Visitor Visa holders who decide to stay exceed 180 days after arrival must change into Resident Visa and then apply for ARC.

Visitor Visa

Study for one semester

Please apply for Multiple Entry with annotation “FS” followed by the name of the host university, prior to entering Taiwan. When necessary, students may apply for a visa extension within 15 days before the duration expired.(3 profile pictures are needed)  

Please be advised not to enter the country with a landing visa, which may not be extended.

Resident Visa

Study for more than one semester

Study for two semesters can apply for a resident visa, and are required to apply Alien Resident Certificates (ARC) within 15 days after arrival. (3 profile pictures are needed) For more information :

Further Information about Visa


Health Exam

All exchange students are required to submit Health certificate in English (Form 5: 1 semester or 1 academic year). Please be noted that it only valid for 3 months, so please make sure that it is not expired before your arrival in NCUE and hand in to OICA after your arrival.



All exchange students need to purchase their own overseas insurance, which includes health and accident coverage for the exchange period, in their home country before departure.

A copy of valid insurance summary is required for registration to NCUE.

Each student is required to join in NCUE student group insurance at around NTD 600 per month.



  • On-campus Housing

To ensure the safety, NCUE will give priority for dormitories to international students.

1. Room type and fee: 4-bed room about NTD 8,000~12,000 per semester (Excluded summer or winter vacation) and NT$1,000 for deposit.

2. Air conditioner card needs to be recharged.

3. There are cable networks in every room, and wi-fi covered campus (NT$480 per semester).

4. Public facilities: Vendors, drinking fountains, coin-operated washing machines (NT$20/time), spin dryers, clothes drying fields, relaxing lounges and toilets.

5. Please note that cooking is strictly prohibited.

6. For personal hygiene, our dormitory will not provide bed sheets or mattresses. You can pay NTD 1,650 for the bedding set. (Included pillow, mattress, bed sheet and blanket)


Airports providing pick-up and drop-off service

Taoyuan International Airport and Taichung International Airport.

Details of free airport transfers will be included in letter of offer.


Arrival Declaration



  • Currency

The currency we use in the Republic of China (Taiwan) is the NEW TAIWAN DOLLAR. There are four denominations of both bills and coins.

NT$2000  NT$1000  NT$500  NT$100  NT$50  NT$10  NT$5  NT$1



  • Voltages and Frequencies

1.     Voltage: 110V

2.     Frequency: 60Hz

3.     Plug/socket