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Reduced Inequalities (SDG 10)

Number of students starting a first degree                               1089

Number of first generation students starting a first degree                   369

Number of first degree students                                       1124

Number of first degree international students from developing countries       245

National rate of disability                                             4.95

Percent of students with disabilities                                    0.88

Percent of employees with disabilities


Access to university

Does your university as a body have an admissions policy which is non-discriminatory or which details and explains the logic for any appropriate positive discrimination policies in admissions, which is publicly posted?

Policy created (yyyy)  2014

Policy reviewed (yyyy) 2015

Our approach(SDG10-01)


Does your university as a body measure/track applications & admissions of underrepresented (and potentially underrepresented) groups including ethnic minorities, low income students, non-traditional students, women, LGBT students, disabled students etc?

Our approach(SDG10-02)


Does your university as a body deliver programmes to recruit students/staff/faculty from under-represented groups?

Our approach(SDG10-03)


Does your university as a body have anti-discrimination and anti-harassment policies?

Policy created (yyyy)   2005

Policy reviewed (yyyy)  2013

Our approach(SDG10-04)


Does your university as a body have a diversity and equality committee, office and/or officer (or the equivalent) tasked by the administration or governing body to advise on and implement policies, programmes, and trainings related to diversity, equity, inclusion and human rights on campus?

Our approach(SDG10-05)


Does your university as a body provide mentoring/counselling/peer support programmes to support students, staff, faculty from underrepresented groups?

Our approach(SDG10-06)


Does your university as a body provide cross-cultural training/awareness campaigns or education programmes?

Our approach(SDG10-07)