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Climate Action (SDG 13)

Units of energy used by type

Coal (in tonnes)

Natural gas (in cubic feet)              5778150     2017 year

Fuel, oil, petrol (in litres)                 91666     2017 year

Electricity, renewable (in kilowatt-hours)              2017 year

Electricity, nuclear (in kilowatt-hours)    13277400    2017 year


Environmental Education

Does your university as a body provide local education programmes or campaigns on climate change risks, impacts, mitigation, adaptation, impact reduction and early warning?

Our approach(SDG13-01)


Does your university as a body have a university Climate Action plan, shared with local government and/or local community groups

Our approach(SDG13-02)



Does your university as a body participate in co-operative planning for climate change disasters, working with government?

Our approach(SDG13-03)


Does your university as a body inform and support local or regional government in local climate change disaster/risk early warning and monitoring?

Our approach(SDG13-04)


Does your university as a body collaborate with NGOs on climate adaptation?

Our approach(SDG13-05)