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Does your university as a body provide students and staff with access to free mental health support?

I. The Student Psychology Counselling and Guidance Centre provides students with free mental health support.

Our university’s developmental, interventional, and situational guiding measures, coupled with the department consultation mode and systematic cooperation, effectively implement the campus three-level preventive guidance work. The prevention and guidance work at all levels are as follows:

(1) Developmental guidance includes orientation guidance, life education guidance, gender equality education guidance, career guidance, study guidance, overseas student guidance, stress adjustment guidance, class guidance, department counselling, peer guidance, peer study guidance, and mentor psychological health promotion, and so on.

(2) Interventional guidance includes individual counselling, psychological testing and interpretation, individual stress testing, highly-concerned student tracking and case management, study-warning student counselling and follow-up care, mental health counselling, referrals and counselling mechanisms for disadvantaged students, and others.

(3) Situational guidance includes crisis management, psychiatric counselling, referral guidance, highly-concerned student case tracking and guidance, and reporting of case handling.

II. The Community Psychology Counselling and Potential Development Centre is responsible for providing employees with free mental health support

(1) Our university provides faculty and staff assistance programmes to assist in the organisation of secondary prevention work for employees’ mental health. We promote mental health awareness and improve the mental health of our internal personnel through free psychological counselling, group activities, speeches, and other methods, so that they can focus on their official duties during working hours and thus improve work efficiency.

(2) We enhance the mental health of students, staff, and the community through self-held activities and cooperation plans with relevant academic and professional institutions and promote the development of counselling professions in the central region in accordance with international standards.