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Lifelong learning opportunities provided

Does your university as a body provide access to educational resources for those not studying at the university, e.g. computers, library, online courses, access to lectures, etc?

Free access

1.     Our university library has management rules for visiting and reading by external personnel. External personnel can exchange their valid certificates of identification at the service desk for a guest pass and swipe the guest pass to enter the library.

2.     Our university provides the general public with open courses and digital seminars free of charge (some platforms can be used free of charge after free registration or login as a visitor).

Supporting information:

  1.  ‘Management Rules on Visiting and Reading by External Personnel’‘Open courses’ provided by the digital learning centre

  1. 數位學習中心「開放式課程」

2. Further education school: 15 free digital seminars hosted on the ‘Teacher e-school’ platform of the Ministry of Education which can be watched after registration and login (no identity limitations)

「Teacher of e-school」:

3.Further education school: Digital seminars were developed, as well as test libraries for junior high school Chinese language, mathematics, English, natural sciences, geology, physics, and chemistry, which are hosted on the cloud-integrated teaching and examination interactive platform, and can be watched and used after login (no identity limitations, and the general public has access through ‘Login as a visitor’)

Charged access

1.     Our university library has management rules for borrowing by external personnel. External personnel can obtain a paid reading card and borrowing card to borrow the library resources.

2.     The charged digital learning courses developed by our university are self-learning courses, which external personnel can enroll in and use with a charge.

3.     The community psychology consultation and potential development centre of our university cooperates with government agencies and hospitals near our university to provide charged consultation services for employees of these institutions.

The ‘Management Rules on Borrowing by External Personnel from the Library of Office of Library & Information Services of National Changhua University of Education’ of the library

  1. ‘Charged self-study courses’ in the digital learning centre:
  2. National Changhua University of Education MOOCs (a total of six courses: counselling skills, counselling theories, learning diagnosis and guidance, career development in the e-era, ethics for helping professions, discussion of interpersonal relationships from the meaning of life

Community Counseling & Human Development Sevice Center