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Does your university as a body undertake educational outreach activities (e.g. tailored lectures or demonstrations) beyond campus, e.g. in local schools, in the community, including voluntary student-run schemes?


Note: Our university has long been cooperating with local schools and high school teachers in remote rural areas to carry out education-related activities in local schools to meet their needs for on-job further education; in addition, students in our university have also independently planned various types of activities, gone to local schools to hold camps (the participants were local school students), and established off-campus service teams, to help local schools to obtain more learning resources.

From August 1, 2016 to July 31, 2017, we held the following activities at local schools:

  1. 44 sessions of faculty growth workshops.
  2. 8 sessions of Everyday Science exploration camp.
  3. 9 sessions of mathematics and physics exploration activities in schools.
  4. 4 sessions of exploratory science activities.
  5. 7 student off-school service teams.
  6. 1 team for White Sand Summer School.

Supporting information: d) Off-school activities