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Does your university as a body provide cross-cultural training/awareness campaigns or education programmes?

1. Promote cross-border courses to encourage students’ international participation: Through providing online courses, NCUE is committed to establishing the models of cross-border cooperation in terms of co-teaching and international cooperation in research to support bilateral teaching resources. For example, students in Rehabilitation Counseling are engaging in the development of joint classes and research through co-teaching projects with international prestigious universities. (This is included in NCUE’s Higher Education Sprout Project sponsored by the Ministry of Education)

2. Offer scholarships to extend students’ overseas experience: NCUE offers multiple scholarships sponsored by the University, government, among others, for dual-degree and exchange programs, and overseas internships. NCUE also encourages teachers to combine courses with academic exchange programs to do short-term projects abroad, such as Japan and Singapore, to cultivate student’s international visions and help students be in line with global industrial trends.

Samples of scholarship announcement and news reporting:

(NACHA Scholarship Supports 6 NCUE Alumni to Fulfil American Dream)

3. Open multi-cultural courses: NCUE opens multiple cross-cultural and international general education courses every year, such as Eastern and Western Comedy, Introduction to Southeast Asia’s Culture, and Museum and Modern Civilization. The goal is to help students learn about diverse culture and thus develop global civic literacy.

List of multi-cultural courses at NCUE:

4. Develop English-taught programs: NCUE has been developing English-taught courses and programs in colleges in recent years, and encouraging students to join those courses or programs by establishing a recognition mechanism of global citizenship for students and to facilitate mutual learning and communication between local and international students.

Curriculum framework of English-taught program in the College of Engineering:

5. Organize events/activities related to internationalization: NCUE organizes multiple events/activities every year, such as the Lecture Series on Global Education and culture experience workshops, inviting experts sharing their overseas living experience and knowledge of international affairs, education systems and cultures of other countries, and preparation for working holiday programs/studying abroad, as well as hosting hands-on activities, such as making Indonesian Batik. NCUE also cooperates with student organizations to host annual International Culture Week to facilitate the interaction between local and international students.

Samples of event/activity announcement:

6. Organize experience sharing seminars: To encourage students to study abroad, NCUE hosts seminars several times a year that invite former NCUE exchange students and the exchange students from abroad to do presentations about global education systems, partner university introduction, and application procedures for studying abroad, etc. and to share their learning and living experience abroad.

Samples of news reporting and event/activity announcement:

(Briefings of Germany, Japan, South Korea international exchange students: How to become an exchange student)

7. Create the Global Citizenship Resume: NCUE offers a global citizenship certification for the students that have completed exchange programs/overseas internships, earned certain credits from English-taught courses/programs and international GE courses, joined the system of international ambassadors or student buddies, attending lecture series related to internationalization, obtained language competency certifications, and engaged in community services, etc., to reward their efforts in enriching their international competence, which is expected to be their advantage of future career development and competition (This is included in NCUE’s Higher Education Sprout Project sponsored by the Ministry of Education).

8. Cultivate students as youth diplomats: By joining the system of student buddies or international ambassadors for international students, the members consisting of local students recruited and trained by the University are expected to be familiar with reception courtesies with international guests, develop skills to organize international activities/events, establish confidence in communicating with foreign nationals, improve global civil awareness and learn about professional knowledge. The training program offered by the University includes contemporary international situation analysis, diverse cultural introductions, reception skills, video filming and production, cosmetics application and language training.

Samples of news reporting and recruitment announcement:,r158-1.php?Lang=en


9. Help international students blend into local society: For those who intend to study in Taiwan, NCUE provides the opportunity of learning local culture and languages, including hosting international summer camps and creating Chinese culture/Mandarin programs to prepare for school admission. After enrollment, international students can also take credit Chinese courses based on different language competency levels. On the other hand, NCUE encourages local students to become student buddies and international ambassadors that assist international students in adapting new environment, participating in local events or visiting cultural spots. The goals are to facilitate the understanding of local culture of international students, attract foreign students to study at NCUE, and further enrich cultural diversity of the campus.

Samples of news reporting, websites for summer camps and Chinese courses:,r158-1.php?Lang=en,r158-1.php?Lang=en

(International Summer Camp Successfully Concludes, Students Wish to Visit Taiwan Again),r158-1.php?Lang=en,r158-1.php?Lang=en

(Int’l Students Visit Sun Moon Lake to Experience Beauty of Taiwan’s Nature and People)

(Exchange Students Serve as Ambassadors of Ershui Running Water Festival, Bringing Changhua Local Culture to the World)