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Does your university as a body undertake actions to promote the % of more sustainable commuting (e.g. provision of free or subsidised buses or shared transport schemes, provision of bicycle parking & storage facilities, provision of cycle tracks, a bicycle and pedestrian plan or policy, bicycle sharing programme, free or reduced price transit passes, car/van pool or ride sharing programme, reduced parking fees or preferential parking for carpool or vanpool users, car sharing programme, provision of electric vehicle recharging stations, preferred parking for fuel-efficient vehicles)?

1. Discounted parking

  1. Our university is close to the Fuxingli residential community. Residents can apply for the underground parking lots of our university. The application is limited by a set quota. Relevant measures, such as the number, time, and application procedures of parking, are implemented in accordance with the announcement of the General Affairs Office.
  2. Faculty, staff, and students who have not applied for a parking permit; part-time instructors without a service permit; instructors from schools that cooperate with our university in the teaching internship; graduated students returning to our university for symposia; guests attending conferences, seminars, or competitions in our university; students coming for training classes and short-term further education; external personnel holding swimming pool tickets for an announced specific period of time; and other visitors can present their service permit, identification card, meeting notice, or student (employee) card, etc. to get a 5% discount on the temporary parking fee.

2. Bicycle parking and storage facilities:

A bicycle parking shed (rack) has been set up on the campus for free parking by teaching staff and students; it can hold 1,796 bicycles.

3. Electric Vehicle Charging Station: None

Considering that long-distance commuters are prone to traffic jams during rush hours, the university adopts flexible working hours (with 30 flexible minutes).