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Environmental Education
Does your university as a body provide local education programmes or campaigns on climate change risks, impacts, mitigation, adaptation, impact reduction and early warning?
In accordance with Article 1 of the Environmental Education Act, along with sustainable promotion and enhancement of research and promotion of environmental education, our university attempts to promote the development of academic and practical work in environmental education. The Environmental Education Center of NCUE was set up in line with Article 6 of our university’s Articles of Association.
Seminars on climate change and adaptation in environmental education in 2017: ‘One Earth, All Life!’ (16 March), ‘Facing the Elephant in the Room—Climate Change’ (2 May), and ‘Beautiful Environment with Continuous CO2 Emission Reduction’ (5 May); and in 2018: ‘Environmental Change and Sustainable Development: Environmental Change and Disaster Prevention, Energy Conservation and Carbon Reduction, and Energy Management’ (16 August).