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Does your university as a body have an existence of participatory bodies to recognize and engage local stakeholders, including local residents, local government, local private, local civil society representatives?

Since 1997, the Small and Medium Enterprise Administration of the Ministry of Economic Affairs has promoted the incubation policy by the joint effort of the government, research institutions, colleges and universities, and private enterprises to assist SMEs in entrepreneurship and innovation. Our university has an Innovation and Incubation Center that links our university, industries, research and development institutions, and local industry clusters. It accumulates cross-domain knowledge to form a smart system; serves as a hub for the industry, academe, and research; develops an industry to create an ecological system; realizes the goals promoted by government policies; and makes people have a sense of gain and contribute to society.

The main function of the ‘SME Incubators’ is to foster new businesses, products, and technologies as well as assist with SMEs’ upgrade and transformation. By effectively integrating multiple resources, such as providing space for entry, equipment, and R&D technologies and assisting in fund raising, business services, and management consulting, it helps diminish the costs and risks of R&D during the early stages, creates an excellent incubation environment, and improves the chances of business success.