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Does your university as a body provide outreach, general education, upskilling and capacity-building to policy- and law-makers on relevant topics e.g. economics, law, technology, climate change?
In recent years, our university’s Center for Teacher Education has been committed to the internal cultivation of teachers and external promotion of policies. The Center has continued to cooperate with policy makers (Ministry of Education), to implement decrees and policies, and their corresponding plans and businesses. In 2017, over 10 projects were implemented, including the ‘National Educational Internship Information Platform Work Plan’, ‘2017 Full-Time Teacher Programme for Remote Rural Schools in Changhua County and Nantou County Forum Implementation Plan’, ‘National Primary and Secondary School In-Service Senior Teacher Further Education Plan’, ‘Teaching Without Border, Building Dreams for the New Southbound-Malaysian Education Apprenticeship Plan’, with the amount of subsidies approved in the year reaching more than NTD 60 million.