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Does your university as a body undertake policy-focused research in collaboration with government departments?

Our university’s faculty members from various departments and schools often participate in various national-level projects held by the Executive Yuan, Ministry of Science and Technology, Ministry of Education, and Council of Agriculture, providing various specific suggestions. Often, they assist local governments or primary and secondary schools and various NGO groups by providing professional advice and assistance.

For example, Professor Chen Jinyan participated in the UN conferences on gender-related issues, proposing professional advice and recommending the government’s revision of relevant laws and regulations.

Another example is Instructor Wang Sufen implementing the Council of Agriculture’s project titled ‘Evaluation of Soil and Water Resources Conservation and Ecological Service Benefits Impacted by Disasters’ and the Ministry of Science and Technology’s ‘Construction of a Cross-Scale Social Impact Assessment System for Rainfall Hazards (3/3)’. The ministries, county and municipal governments, and various NGOs often invite our university’s faculty members to serve as members of different committees and provide policy guidance and professional advice.