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Does your university as a body have childcare facilities for staff and faculty?


The University has established the ‘Changhua Private Kindergarten Affiliated to the University Co-operative Limited of the National Changhua University of Education’. The Kindergarten accepts children of the University’s faculty staff  and provides pre-school day-care services for children over the age of two.

The University offers professional psychological counselling services and women’s counselling programmes in abundance every year. In 2017, 390 female students participated in these programs, accounting for 11.76% of the total number of female students (3,316).

The University’s policies specify that students may extend their period of study in case of pregnancy, childbirth or for raising children under the age of three. After the reasons stated above cease to exist, the duration of study may be further extended for up to two years. This policy is enabled by ‘Gender Equity Education Act’ of the Ministry of Education.

The University has established the ‘Regulations Governing the Implementation of Gender Equality Policies in Education of the National Changhua University of Education’. Article 4 of the Regulations specifies that: The University shall proactively provide assistance to students who are disadvantaged owing to their gender or sexual orientation with the aim of improving their circumstances.