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Does your university as a body have a ‘smoke-free’ policy?

Due to the health considerations of students and faculty, we actively promote a tobacco-free campus. Our public policy declares the campus to be tobacco-free, establishes a tobacco control working group, and specifies the ‘Student Tobacco Hazard Management Guidelines’ in its regulations. Furthermore, we consistently advocate tobacco control through health education, tobacco control activities, and tobacco cessation courses. Recently, we further incorporated community resources and designed tobacco-free restaurants in collaboration with the community, thus allowing all students and faculty members to keep away from tobacco hazards, and sharing our pride in the anti-tobacco movement by promoting it to the community.
◎ Our Campus’s ‘Tobacco-Free’ Policy
1. Since 2009, smoking has been banned completely as a tobacco-free campus, in response to the government’s Comprehensive Tobacco Ban Policy, in order to protect the health of all faculty, staff, and students on campus; and to create a tobacco-free, healthy, and refreshing campus environment.
2. In 2015, the ‘Student Tobacco Hazard Management Guidelines’ was passed in the National Changhua University of Education, which founded the campus’s Tobacco Control Working Group, and is integrated with tobacco cessation education.
◎ Features
1. Tobacco ban campaign vehicles touring the campus: Through tobacco ban campaign vehicles that tour the campus every day, a full-campus tobacco ban was effectively promoted.
2. Promoting tobacco-free restaurants in co-operation with the community: 20 eating and drinking establishments around the campus have supported the tobacco ban and anti-tobacco policies, and passed the university’s tobacco-free restaurant certification. This has provided more smoke-free locations for good food, and extended the tobacco-free environment beyond the campus.
Assessment Policies
‘National Changhua University of Education Student Tobacco Hazard Management Guidelines’
Amended on 22 December 2016 by the Student Affairs Assembly.
We will be applying for the 2020-21 Ministry of Education grant for universities and colleges to implement health promotion, with our plan for a tobacco-free campus, titled ‘Wonderland in NCUE’.

Our policy
I. Creating a supportive environment
(1) There are signs on the entrances of the two campuses to indicate that the campus is completely non-smoking, to remind the staff and students of the school and the community to cooperate.
(2) Smoking slogans are posted at the entrances of various buildings, and regulations on smoking prevention and smoking prevention are strengthened. If smoking is found in smoking-free places, the management unit may notify relevant units to come and ban and bill Inform.
(3) Notice on strengthening smoking prevention in dormitory areas to remind residential students to observe and maintain a smoke-free campus environment together.
Developing Personal Health Skills
(I) Regular lectures on tobacco prevention and control
1. Don't be kidnapped by nicotine.
2. 123 things about smoke.
3. Our lungs are not air cleaners.
(II) Smoke prevention activities
1. At the school's celebration park, we will handle a joint event of refusing to smoke second-hand cigarettes. Through the quit smoking announcement, let the teachers and students of the school understand the dangers of tobacco products, and then support the establishment of smoke-free campuses.
2. Make a loud public event in a smoke-free campus, and say aloud my idea of cleaning the campus and not smoking.
3. For the campus non-smoking LOGO ballots, a total of 14 works participated in the balloting, with a total of 625 votes.
4. Promote our school's smoke-free campus policy in a 5-minute short play, with an estimated 1,500 people participating.
5. Promote information about tobacco harm by way of breakthrough games.
6. Selection of non-smoking graphics and dormitories.
7. Non-smoking LOGO balloting in dormitory. Through non-smoking LOGO balloting, teachers and students throughout the school should pay attention to the dangers of tobacco products.
Provide medical services and smoking cessation counseling
(1) Carbon monoxide measurement: CO monitoring is performed, and students are also informed about the extent to which they have been affected by tobacco products.
(2) Health education on smoking cessation: School medical and nursing staff of the school provide smoking cessation counseling and counseling.