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Commitment to carbon neutral university
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Our pledge to be a carbon neutral university includes the following:
There are three categories of carbon emission on campus: direct emission (from fuel usage by office vehicles, and from boilers, and so on. The amount of fuel usage will be tracked by the general administration to control and minimise emissions), indirect emissions (from electricity and water consumption on campus. Smart metres, manual monitoring, and timer controls will be used to control electricity consumption), and other indirect emissions (from staff vehicles during rush hours. This will be addressed with the extended one hour due to the flexible hour arrangement, and other measures in general waste management).

In response to the government’s Four Savings programme (save electricity, save water, save fuel, and save paper), high efficiency electrical appliances will be used, including products with energy-saving labels, high efficiency air-conditioning systems, energy-saving lightbulbs, green design for buildings, and others. The university library has also adopted a lighting system that integrates solar energy and a smart energy centre has been established in cooperation with the manufacturer (Orsted) for a large-scale energy-conservation programme to ensure balanced electricity usage. With all the above measures, we intend to fulfil the pledge to ensure a carbon neutral environment at the university.