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Longyan University to Send Students over for One-year Study,

Longyan University to Send Students over for One-year Study,


A group of students from the Longyan University, one of NCUE’s partner schools in Mainland China, is expected to study in the field of business and administration at NCUE for a full year from the coming September based on the cooperation agreement. President Qitan Ling of Longyan led a group to visit NCUE recently to have a discussion about the one-year study project in details and further cooperation between the two universities. Teacher exchanges and industry-academy cooperation in the future are highly expected.


Located in Fujian Province, Longyan University was established as a teacher’s college in 1958, then transformed into a university in 2004. It has been making a great effort to becoming a fully comprehensive university with the goal of cultivating practical and professional talents. Currently NCUE and Longyan are working on the collaborative project fostering senior professional personnel for the West-side and Taiwanese businesses. Sending students to study at NCUE is part of the project.  


President Ling stated at the welcome meeting, which was hosted by NCUE President Yen-Kuang Kuo, that the main purpose of his visit is to deepen the cooperation with NCUE based on the ongoing student exchange and teacher training of Longyan at NCUE by planning to send the administrative personnel over for training, to invite NCUE teachers to lecture at Longyan, to conduct joint research, to set up a joint platform for innovative entrepreneurship education and to share NCUE’s experience of industry-academy cooperation, etc.


President Kuo expressed his wish to help seek teaching jobs at Longyan for NCUE Ph.D. graduates, recruit Longyan teachers to study Ph.D. programs at NCUE and create joint MOOCs classes, etc. Given NCUE’s extensive experience in patent acquisition and commercialization, startup business consultation, and professional training offerings, President Kuo stated that he will be happy to see the collaboration work in the fields of innovative entrepreneurship and industry-academy cooperation between the two schools.


As for the one-year-study project for Longyan students, according to the Department of Finance at NCUE, it is expected that the courses integrate business visits, case studies and teaching methods to graduate students to reach the goal of fostering professional talents.


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