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Taiwanese Hospitality Makes Learning Journey at NCUE Unforgettable, Say Exchange Students

The Office of International and Cross-strait Affairs (OICA) at NCUE hosted a farewell banquet for the exchange students before the end of the semester. The student representatives stated at the banquet that the care from NCUE faculties and schoolmates and the kindness and hospitality of locals made the past five months their best memory in life. President of Yancheng Teachers University from Mainland China, Mr. Chung Fang, was also present at the event to experience being part of NCUE family.


President Kuo made in remarks that the students had hopefully achieved their goals from learning at NCUE. He looks forward to their return and new comers from their home universities choosing NCUE to study.


The Certificate of Completion of the exchange program was conferred by the President on this occasion and handed out to each student. On behalf of their peers, four students from the Mainland and Germany gave thank-you speeches in Chinese and English respectively.


The exchange students are impressed by the hospitality and kindness of Taiwanese. Tien-yang Wang from Northeast Normal University indicated that she would not forget each stranger who nicely smiled at her on the street. Hao-kun Li, who is from Northwest Normal University, mentioned that it is beyond his expectation that he and his NCUE fellow schoolmates, strangers with different backgrounds, could get along swimmingly. The close relationship between the faculties and students at NCUE also surprised him. Particularly, it was necessary to show our gratitude with smiles and words appreciation to the people around us, which he learned from the store clerks in the neighborhood. Tzu-meng Wu, a one-year exchange students from Yancheng Teachers University, stated that she is deeply affected by the geniality and kindness of Taiwan people, especially by the care and the friendly assistance from NCUE teachers and schoolmates, which made her reluctant to part with Taiwan.


While studying at NCUE, Nicole from Germany learned about the Taiwanese culture and local people by backpacking, joining the cultural trips hosted by the OICA and attending a dragon boat racing event. She had a lot of fun riding a motorcycle for the very first time, trying food that she had never imagined people might eat, seeing the beautiful sceneries, making countless new friends, taking hundreds of photos, and experiencing what other people would never have dreamt of. She expressed that she looks forward to sharing her experience with her family and friends back home.


They all expressed their gratitude for the amazing exchange study program and for OICA’s help and care, which made their five months in Taiwan an unforgettable chapter in their life


OICA played a slideshow composed of the photos featuring the exchange students’ lives in Taiwan with compassionate narrative and music. Then following with student performances on the stage. At the end, the students and the teachers took numerous pictures and raised their glasses to one another, wishing them the best of luck, bidding farewell, drawing a perfect ending for their learning journey.


























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