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NCUE Establishes Partnership with University of Foreign Language Studies, Vietnam


President Tran Huu Phuc of the University of Foreign Language Studies (UFLS) in Vietnam paid a visit to NCUE and signed an agreement for academic cooperation and exchange. The cooperation in students exchange, “3+1” dual-degree programs for UFLS Chinese major students and internships in Taiwan for UFLS students are expected.

UFLS is one of the seven universities affiliated to the National University of Da Nang. Founded in 2002, it is one of only three foreign language universities in Vietnam. The purpose of its establishment is to train foreign language teachers and personnel to meet the needs of government agencies and enterprises. Currently, the language programs offered include Chinese, English, French, Russian, Japanese, Korean and Thai. The total number of students is about 6,500.

The signing ceremony was hosted by NCUE Vice President Ming-Fei Chen. Afterward, the two sides exchanged views on future cooperation issues. The NCUE Language Center then illustrated its experience in the cooperation with and courses offered for Vietnam partner university.

To enhance students’ listening and speaking abilities, President Tran Huu Phuc expressed his expectation of promoting student exchange, creating a “3+1” dual-degree program for Chinese major students, and offering internship opportunities in Taiwan during summer time or short-term language classes for students.

Teacher training has always been NCUE’s advantage, and the ASEAN countries have been making much of the Chinese language. Therefore, both institutions look forward to making great strides in the cooperative relationship.


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