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NCUE Adds GLU of Mongolia as Partner University

NCUE recently established a partnership with Global Leadership University (GLU) of Mongolia. GLU is NCUE’s first partner university in Mongolia. Founder and President Otgonbat Barkhuu of GLU visited NCUE recently in the hope of establishing cooperation at various levels, including English and Chinese teaching training, and joint-degree programs. NCUE has been devoted to Chinese language education for overseas students for years. The cooperation between the two institutions may start with it since GLU has been implementing a policy that encourages students to learn Chinese and Korean, among others, to nurture a global mindset for all students.

GLU was established in 2005 in the capital city, Ulaanbaatar. It has offered degree programs since 2007. Currently there are four schools in Business, Medicine, Nursing and Humanities. GLU has redefined its mission for the next ten years as preparing a new generation of entrepreneurs who will be empowered to create positive changes in building prosperity and sustainable future for Mongolia. In spite of the fact that it is not a time-honored school, GLU has emerged as one of the most international institutions of higher learning in Mongolia with over 160 partner universities in the U.S., Korea, Taiwan, etc. The number of joint-degree programs such as 2+2, 1+3 and 1+1 offered by GLU with its partner universities is also the most in Mongolia.

NCUE Vice President Ching-He Li extended a warm welcome to President Otgonbat, and widely compared notes on future cooperation. Dean Cindy Huang of the Office of International and Cross-straits Affairs and Assistant Professor Ming-Hsien Hsueh of the Department of Accounting were also present. In view of NCUE’s advantage of English and Chinese teaching training needed by GLU, President Otgonbat looks forward to sending faculty and students over on exchange for it. He expressed his hope that further cooperation would extend to the development of dual-degree programs, student exchange, and summer programs. President Otgonbat also invited NCUE to participate in the annual Taiwan Higher Education Fair hosted by GLU next May.

Nowadays Mongolia is trying to accelerate the integration into the global community. In the face of rising globalization and intensifying competition among countries, President Otgonbat believes that Mongolia has to adopt new models of education to nurture next generation leaders. Now GLU students start learning English, Chinese and Korean languages from the first year on. They are also required to go abroad and experience the world outside of Mongolia for at least one semester and have extensive choices of joint-degree programs to study at the world’s leading universities. It is expected that NCUE and GLU establish a stable cooperative relationship, which further reinforces NCUE faculty and student’s participation in global activities.



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