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Qilu Normal University Visits NCUE to Facilitate Exchanges of Teachers, Students Research

President Lin Sung Po of Qilu Normal University (QNU), one of NCUE’s partner universities in Mainland China, led a delegation to visit NCUE. The two sides compared notes on future cooperation projects. Given that both have the experience of successfully transforming into comprehensive universities, they reached a consensus about deepening cooperation based on mutual benefit, exchange of assistance, and sharing of resources. NCUE will especially share its experience with and offer study opportunities to QNU in the field of teacher training, such as teaching models and management, and curriculum development.

Located in Jinan City, Shandon Province, QNU has been established for 70 years. As an important base for incubating talents in Shandon Province, it is composed of 15 colleges, 34 departments, and the Training Center for Primary and Secondary School Teachers. There are about 13,000 students at QNU. In recent years QNU has focused on cultivating applied talents to help boost the local economy and has been well recognized by its research achievement in the fields of biology and energy crops like genetic studies of corn. Since being partners in September 2017, NCUE and QNU have had frequent interactions. NCUE President Yen-Kuang Kuo just visited QNU in October 2018. There came two faculty groups from QNU to study at NCUE for teaching methods. QNU students have also been sent over on exchange since.

President Kuo hosted the welcome meeting. He indicated that Changhua, where NCUE is located in, is the most populated county except the six municipalities in Taiwan. NCUE, therefore, offers an advantageous environment for industry-academia cooperation and devotes to developing innovative teaching with professional teachers to decrease students’ chances of talent mismatch in the future. Based on the similar approach adopted for school development, President Kuo looks forward to furthering exchange and cooperation in various aspects between the two institutions.

According to President Lin, there are three purposes for his visit to NCUE. The first is to facilitate in-service teacher training for QNU, including teaching models and management, curriculum development and training projects. QNU teachers are encouraged to come to NCUE for further studies and NCUE faculty are invited to QNU to give lectures to help cultivate applied talents. Secondly, it is expected to help promote student exchange between NCUE and QNU. Furthermore, President Lin looks forward to joint researches in the fields of biology, chemistry, information, intellectual engineering, etc.

At the meeting, a variety of cooperative issues were fully discussed. Both sides reached a broad consensus for further cooperation that facilitates exchanges of teachers, students and scientific research.





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