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Chung Hua Middle School Kuala Belait from Brunei Visits NCUE for Future Cooperation

A delegation led by President Jaime Lim Siew Lee of Chung Hua Middle School Kuala Belait (CHMSKB) from Brunei came to visit in hopes of learning more about NCUE and exploring the opportunity for cooperation. They were impressed by NCUE's advantages of special education and language teaching resources after visiting the course material resource room at the Library and the Language Center. The official cooperative relationships established between NCUE and the educational institutions in Brunei started with the MOU signed with Brunei's Chun Hwa Middle School in November 2018. It is expected that, with CHMSKB's visit, NCUE will offer more assistance in Chinese education of Brunei.

Founded in 1931, CHMSKB is an independent Chinese school with a complete compulsory education system starting from pre-school to grade 11. It stresses the importance of instilling oriental moral values in pupils. For example, in addition to Malaysian monarchy and Islamic studies, CHMSKB students have to take the course of Di Zi Gui ("Students' Rules") written based on the Confucian ethic morals, and all 4th graders have to join the student club to learn Chinese Calligraphy. CHMSKB provides a sound foundation for the acquisition of proficiency in Malay, English and Chinese. Currently, there are nearly 1100 students, among whom over 50 percent are Chinese and Malays are about one third.  

When hosting the welcome meeting, NCUE President Yen-Kuang Kuo indicated that, in view of its upward positions in the THE, QS and ARWU rankings, NCUE's teaching and research have been recognized globally. NCUE attaches importance to establishing close relationships with overseas Chinese communities. There have been four Master's programs opened in Malaysia since 2008. Many principals, teachers and trustees from independent Chinese high schools are NCUE's alumni, enabling NCUE alumni association in Malaysia to be an active and coherent body. According to President Kuo, based on NCUE's experience of interacting with the Chinese communities in Malaysia, it will be a delight to see that NCUE shares its teaching and research resources with CHMSKB.

CHMSKB encourages Chinese learning. Many of its teachers studied abroad at the universities offering Chinese education to pursue academic degrees. NCUE is one of the best universities in the fields of special education, counseling, etc. in Taiwan, and has years' experience in teaching Chinese to international students. With a lack of resources for learning disability in Brunei, it is expected that a bond will be created between NCUE and CHMSKB.    

President Kuo is planning to visit Brunei next year. By visiting Chinese schools, he looks forward to getting a better understanding of their needs and deepening mutual relations.




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