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Former Ambassador Imparts Rules of International Etiquette to NCUE Students




During the "International Week" in October 2020, the NCUE Office of International and Cross-strait Affairs (OICA) invited Taiwan’s former ambassador Yu-feng Chu to give a lecture on international etiquette. She combined theories and her practical experience along with on-site demonstrations to show how to behave appropriately on important occasions.



Ambassador Chu is the first female Director of the Department of Protocol at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOA). She served as Taiwan Representative in Greece, Ambassador in Saint Vincent, and the Deputy Minister of MOA. She currently is a member of the International Affairs Commission of Taipei City Government and is dedicated to etiquette education and promotion for all ages. She is also diligent in writing.



Ambassador Chu shared her knowledge of official reception, including clothing, appearance, handshaking and bowing, introducing people, the position of honor and precedence, walking with guests, elevator etiquette, interpersonal distance and eye contact, guest pick-up and drop-off planning, venue environment maintenance, invitation writing and posting, etc.



Much of etiquette knowledge is new to the students. For example, the position of honor while walking is to the right front; when taking a picture, the host should be on the left of the guest; the place of honor for an awardee is to the right of the presenter at an award ceremony; when escorting guests taking elevators, everyone should face the elevator doors, and a business casual dress code for men usually means a full suit without a tie.

Ambassador Chu not only imparted theoretical knowledge but incorporated practical cases and personal experience in her years of diplomatic career. Besides, students at the lecture were invited to participate in different situational exercises, in order to make it easier for them to internalize the seemingly difficult rules of international etiquette and to avoid faux pas in the future.








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