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No Poverty (SDG 1)

Does your university as a body have programmes to assist students who fall into the bottom 20% of household income group in the country to successfully complete their studies?


The University provides students with a multi-dimensional coaching mechanism through the Higher Education Sprout Project—‘Project Eagle’.
1. Independent Learning
The University offers students the opportunity to set their own learning goals in order to stimulate their willingness to learn independently. Through devising their learning plan or process, they can allocate their study time and manage their learning progress, thereby improving their skills in planning and independent thinking and facilitating self-discovery and personal growth.
2. Interdisciplinary Learning
(1) Students are encouraged to expose themselves to more diverse topics and opinions through partaking in a variety of skill-enabling talks (activities). A mechanism of reflective feedback and counselling is adopted to expand their scope of learning, foster their diverse perspectives and interdisciplinary skills, and motivate and guide them to cultivate and invest in their own skills.
(2) Through participating in the maker workshops organized by the University, students can improve their professional skills, develop a second specialty, and enhance their academic competitiveness through a variety of themed courses.
3. Academic Coaching
Regarding subjects with a higher number of academic alerts, students are given academic coaching by their peer mentors and friends. The peer-assisted learning strategy can improve the mentors’ teaching skills and confidence, while providing a stress-free environment for the mentees to improve upon their weaker subjects.
4. Cultivating a Reading Culture
A peer-supported learning environment is developed, where peer-to-peer reading projects and discussions are adopted to foster students’ reading competency, stimulate their diverse thinking, achieve sustained learning and growth, and reinforce their motivation to read independently.
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