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No Poverty (SDG 1)
Community anti-poverty programmes

Does your university as a body provide assistance in the local community assisting the start-up of sustainable businesses through relevant education or resources? (e.g. mentorship programmes, training workshops, access to university facilities)?

Our approach (SDG01-06)

The University has been committed to promoting start-ups and assisting traditional industries proactively. A multi-dimensional platform centred on technological fields such as precision mechanics, smart electric vehicles, and green energy industries is also constructed in accordance with national policies to form a comprehensive incubation network and develop industries with local advantages. University-related education or resources are also harnessed to facilitate the establishment and growth of enterprises involved in sustainable development. For instance, the University is currently assisting manufacturers from the Dali Industrial Park, Fusing (with Bitou and Tianjhong) Industrial Parks, and Chuansing Industrial Park in industrial transformation, incubation, coaching, and research and development.
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