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No Poverty (SDG 1)

Does your university as a body provide financial assistance to the local community assisting the start-up of sustainable businesses?
Our approach
The university offers technical help in the low carbon economic industry and helps factory owners gain different government development subsidies and resources; it extensively develops industrial cooperation and extends the assisting benefits in Taichung, Changhua, and Nantou.
Promotion circumstances: From 2013 to October, 2019, 40 cases were successful in gaining approval for governmental subsidising programmes. In 2019, 5 projects were approved under Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR), and we helped factory owners obtain a total of 4.3 million dollars of subsidy.
In 2018, the university and nearby universities in Changhua (Dayeh University) set up the Local Alliance for Innovation in Changhua County for cooperation between universities and districts in order to promote collaborative research and advance small- and medium-sized companies in the innovative industry in the Taichung and Nantou areas; moreover, the alliance was also set up to refer factory owners’ needs to relevant professionals for collaborative research and development (R&D). In addition, through this Alliance, companies are encouraged to apply for the government’s relevant subsidy programme for R&D (e.g., SBIR and CITD) to lower R&D cost, improve abilities for innovative research, and enhance innovation momentum. From 2015 till today, 31 enterprises have received help and over 25 million dollars of R&D subsidies have been obtained.
In 2019, the university linked up with industries, government, and universities in Taichung and Nantou to host an exhibition for demonstrating achievements. Nearby universities (National Chung Hsing University Global Research & Industry Alliance, National Chin-Yi University of Technology, Dayeh University Innovation Incubation Centre, Office of Industry-Academia Cooperation of Feng Chia University, Innovation and Incubation Centre of Nan Kai University of Technology, and Mingdao University), R&D units (Central Taiwan Science Park Bureau, Ministry of Science and Technology), and industry organisations (Changhua County Association for the Advancement of SMEs honourable instructors) jointly hosted Erlin Science Park - Innovation and Entrepreneurship Forum and New R&D Achievement Exhibition. Apart from helping the university’s team of students and teachers promote their research results during this event, the university also helped D-CARBON Technology Co. Ltd., the company stationed on campus, to participate in the 2019 InnoVEX exhibition hosted by COMPUTEX, where D-CARBON presented the industrial robotic arm jointly developed with the Opto-Mechatronic Application Lab, Electro-Mechanical Engineering, of our university. This exhibition attracted participation by 467 start-ups from 25 countries, and helped them increase the exposure of their products.
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