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Zero Hunger (SDG 2)
Student Hunger
Does your university as a body have a programme in place on student food insecurity/hunger?

Our approach (sdg02-01)

Considering students’ insecurities in terms of practicing SDGs, and in order to eradicate hunger, the university has put forward the following measures.
1) The canteens set up by the university in its two campuses register the source of food ingredients according to the food ingredients regulation of the Ministry of Education, and uses local seasonal food ingredients to provide safe, hygienic, tasty, and diversified food and drinks to teachers and students.
The university’s General Education Centre and the Bliss & Wisdom Foundation of Culture and Education jointly hosted “Life discovery, development, and practice,” “Introduction to Life Education,” and “Eat healthy and rest assured: care for your health and our Earth.” The university also organizes DIY experience activities such as food and farming education and making organic rice balls, which are aimed at building positive food knowledge and attitudes among university students. In addition, by playing the game of Monopoly to have a simulated experience of the habitat of the polar bear that is being destroyed because of the greenhouse effect, the students can experience a sense of danger and realize the damage to the Earth caused by agriculture and the dietary environment. Apart from these experience activities, students can also learn farming and grow vegetables on campus. We hope these courses can foster the students’ spirit of benevolence and fraternity, establish their ethical view towards the environment, and educate them to love our planet.
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