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Zero Hunger (SDG 2)

Does your university as a body provide sustainable food choices for all on campus, including vegetarian and vegan food?
Our approach (sdg02-03)

The university supplies SDG-consistent food choices, including vegetarian and vegan choices.
In the canteens set up around the two campuses, the university adopts diversified hygienic management policies, including 1) self-management by the canteens, 2) keeping a log of food ingredients, 3) checks conducted by external hygiene units, 4) university internal hygiene supervision, 5) the dietary management committee, and 6) canteen hygiene supervision institutes of higher education. Based on management on different fronts, the university is committed to providing a comfortable and clean environment as well as hygienic and nutritious food and drinks to the students and staff. Campus canteens provide diversified food court services with options for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Apart from the Chinese buffet and light meal, there are also muffins, iced fruit bar, and local snacks on offer. Regardless of whether you are vegetarian, you can enjoy a good meal on the campus.
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