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Does your university as a body have a policy to identify, monitor and protect any IUCN Red Listed species and national conservation list species with habitats in areas affected by the operation of your university?

Associate Professor Lin Zongqi, Department of Biology, National Changhua Normal University
The purpose of this project is to improve the recipe mix of artificial diets used in the past
Fang, using nutritional analysis data to improve the use of pangolin main food termites and formula
The proportion of ants will be improved by improving the pangolin captive and containment technology in the zoo
The success rate of pangolin rescue. Project Team (National Changhua Normal University Biology
(Department of Social Entomology and Department of Urban Entomology, National ZTE University)
Years of experience in collecting and rearing ants and termites, helping to establish pangolin food
Provided by ants (ants containing Hymenoptera formicidae and termites from Hymenoptera termites)
Complete system and standard operating procedures with farming technology. Purpose to promote pangolin in
The quality and quantity of more stable ant bait in captivity process to make up for artificial nutrition
Deficiencies. This project will be based on ant and termites from previous pangolin diet data
In consideration of species and behavior, we will first establish food for 2 to 3 species of ants and 1 to 2 species of termites.
Establish bait supply or indoor culture technology and establish standards for bait harvesting and indoor culture technology
Operation Procedure (SOP), and provide quantitative adult larval individuals and nest materials for nutrient production
分 分析。 Analysis. The bait supply will be set up in indoor fixed sampling areas and reared indoors.
It is the larval individuals (eggs, larvae, pupae) and termites that provide stable preservation.
Body, as an artificial diet formula to adjust the proportion of bee sting ingredients, and gradually replace to
Allocation of better artificial diets; and on the other hand will establish a
The indoor ant and termite indoor breeding system provides stable live feed for pangolins.
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