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College of Engineering chinese website

Department and Graduate Institute of Mechatronics Engineering chinese website 

    The Department of Mechatronics Engineering provides substantial programs in Bachelor of Science, Master of Science, and Doctor of Philosophy. The education and research areas of the Department include Mechatronic Control and Optoelectronic Application. The Department offers diverse and consistent courses and activities for students.
Tel:04-7232105 Ext. 7805

Department and Graduate Institute of Electrical Engineering chinese website 

   The department offers complete academic programs in B.Sc., M.S., and Ph.D. to cultivate and train students to be professional engineers for The industrial requirements in Green Power, Communication, Control System, and System on Chip Design.
Tel:04-7232105 Ext. 7705

Department and Graduate Institute of Electronic Engineering chinese website english website 

   The E.E. Department is dedicated to The discovery, development, communication, and applied knowledge in The following four areas: microwave and communication. opticelectronics technology, IC design, computer engineering.
    We provide unmatched diversity and richness in educational and research experience. Students can choose from The above four focus areas for research and education.
Tel:04-7232105 Ext. 8305

Graduate Institute of Communications Engineering chinese website 

    The Graduate Institute of Communications Engineering is dedicated to The discovery, development, communication, and knowledge application in The following three areas:
 1.Electromagnetics and its applications.
 2.Communication Electronics Technologies.
 3.Communication theory and Coding theory.
Tel:04-7232105 Ext. 7105

Department and Graduate Institute of Computer Science and Information Engineering chinese website english website 

1.Emphasizing instruction and research in network communication, software development, and system integration.
2.Emphasizing The integration of theory and practice in computer science.
Tel:04-7232105 Ext. 7032

Master Program in Integrated Circuit Design, Department of Computer Science and Information Engineeringchinese website 

    Dedicated to teaching and research in The following two areas:
  1. Analog and mixed signal integrated circuits.
  2. Digital and system integrated circuits.
Tel:04-7232105 Ext. 7865, 7033

 Update:April 10 2013


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