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HTW Berlin Expects to Send Exchange Students to NCUE
OCSA Extends Chinese New Year Greetings to Students
Vice President Matthias Knaut and Dean Jochen Hönow of the International Office of the University of Applied Sciences in Berlin (HTW Berlin) made a return visit to NCUE in March 2017, having an extensive exchange of views on further collaboration between the two schools with NCUE President Yen-Kuang Kuo. President Kuo first met both visitors last November when visiting HTW Berlin. Each year there is a certain number of NCUE students applying for exchange to HTW Berlin, and it is expected that HTW Berlin will soon send the first exchange student over in the Fall 2017. Both sides are looking forward to extending their collaboration to teacher exchange and cooperative research.
HTW Berlin was founded in 1994. However, its historical roots can be traced back to 1874 when the School of Engineering and Technical Drawing was established. NCUE and HTW Berlin became partner universities in 2010. Because President Kuo had met Dr. Knaut and Dr. Hönow during his visit to Europe, the reunion at NCUE went well as if they were old friends.
President Kuo told the visitors that all the German exchange students at NCUE have nice learning and living experiences in Taiwan and thus he looks forward to more European students coming to study so as to furthering cultural exchanges between the students from both sides. He pointed out that many exchange students travel around the island during their stay in Taiwan since NCUE is perfectly located in central Taiwan where is surrounded by a few well-known traveling attractions and is close to Taichung metropolitan area. In addition, NCUE offers favorable tuition to German exchange students and a guarantee of a place in school accommodation as well. Currently NCUE is building 10th dormitory in hopes of offering better study environment for both local and foreign students.
NCUE is one of the three Normal universities in Taiwan with over one third of students becoming secondary school teachers after graduation. However, it has transformed into a comprehensive university with educational programs and highly development in the areas of science, engineering, and business, etc. President Kuo expressed his expectation of mutual exchange and collaboration with HTW Berlin in various fields.
After spending some time in Taiwan, Dr. Knaut considered that this was a worthwhile trip. He was impressed by Taiwan’s development, social order and public security, as well as the hospitality and friendliness of Taiwanese people. He stated that the first-hand information about Taiwan they brought back to Germany would pave the way for future exchange of HTW Berlin teachers and students to NCUE. In particular, NCUE’s advantage of geographical location offers students the possibility of engaging in various activities, which is an important factor that attracts HTW Berlin students to come to study.
The issues discussed during the reception include mutual visits of teachers, bilateral conferences, cooperative research and university internationalization. It is reported that the Office of International and Cross-strait Affairs has received two applications from HTW Berlin for admission to NCUE.
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