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OICA and OCSA Help Overseas Chinese Freshmen Adapt to Campus Life

The Office of International and Cross-straits Affairs (OICA) and Overseas Chinese Students Association (OCSA) hosted a series of orientation activities for new overseas Chinese students, including a welcome party, an orientation, a new student assembly and two-day icebreaker games. Apart from experiencing Taiwanese hospitality and vitality, the new students are expected to be accustomed to the new environment via professional counseling and icebreakers activities that help find their spiritual home in Taiwan.

Currently at NCUE, there are over 260 overseas Chinese students from Asia, Europe and Americas; among them, about 70 are freshmen. NCUE President Yen-Kuang Kuo attended the welcome party to extend a warm welcome to the students far away from home and showed his care for them.

It is worthwhile to mention that at every welcome party buffet, OCSA usually arranges for the teachers to pick up their food first, then the students in the order of their school years at NCUE, starting from seniors. This arrangement shows not only the respects to teachers, but also the ethical value of pecking order. By this means, the cohesion between overseas Chinese students and OCSA can be strongly increased.

During the first two weeks of a new semester, collaborating with OICA, the Student Psychological Counseling and Guidance Center hosts orientation activities for overseas Chinese Freshmen. These activities help students integrate the academic environment with interpersonal relationships, and enable them to cope with new challenges, improve performance and boost confidence so as to diminish the possibility of dropping out.



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