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The Times Higher Education (THE) released the annual Asia University Rankings for 2019 recently. NCUE joins the rankings for the very first time with its place in the 301-350 bracket.




The Times Higher Education (THE) released the World University Impact Rankings on April 3, 2019. NCUE is ranked in the 101-200 bracket in the world. There are 12 universities from Taiwan on the list, in which Tzu Chi University is placed at 67th, followed by the others. NCUE lies in 5th position among the 12 universities. In terms of public universities, National Taiwan University comes out on top at 70th, while NCUE, which is the only one without a medical school among Taiwan’s top 5 universities in the rankings, is in 3th position.


The President of Yancheng Normal University (YNU) in Mainland China, Zhong Fang, led a delegation to visit NCUE to exchange views on future cooperation. This is President Fang’s third-time visit to NCUE. The delegation members of each visit he led were superintendents from different academic departments and administrative offices. It is intended for full-scale development of cooperation with NCUE based upon existing experience.


Vice President Dezhen Xu of Hexi University, one of NCUE’s partner universities in Mainland China, led a group to visit NCUE. Because NCUE and Hexi University share a common teaching principle of “knowledge-action integration”, and Hexi University is located in Zhangye City, one of the famous Four Counties in the West of Yellow River in the Han Dynasty of ancient China with cultural significance, NCUE looks forward to the opportunity to lead the students to visit. According to Vice President Xu, it is expected that there will be students from Hexi University coming to study on exchange at NCUE in the new academic year, taking advantage of the existing mechanism of student exchange between the two institutions. 

Times Higher Education (THE) published the 2019 edition of Best Universities in the Asia-Pacific Region. NCUE is ranked in the 251-300 bracket. A total of 31 universities in Taiwan are listed. National Taiwan University (NTU) is ranked at the top among these universities, while NCUE is ranked 25th. NCUE’s ranking among public universities in Taiwan is 16. Compared to the 2018 edition, some Taiwanese universities remain constant while most fall. Making its debut with the foregoing place in this ranking, NCUE is internationally recognized


A delegation led by President Jaime Lim Siew Lee of Chung Hua Middle School Kuala Belait (CHMSKB) from Brunei came to visit in hopes of learning more about NUCE and exploring the opportunity for cooperation. They were impressed by NCUE’s advantages of special education and language teaching resources after visiting the course material resource room at the Library and the Language Center. The official cooperative relationships established between NCUE and the educational institutions in Brunei started with the MoU signed with Brunei’s Chun Hwa Middle School in November 2018. It is expected that, with CHMSKB’s visit, NCUE will offer more assistance in Chinese education of Brunei.

Professor Venema James in Foreign Languages at Aichi University of Education, one of NCUE’s partner universities in Japan, led 10 students to visit NCUE recently. In addition to the Graduate Institute of Children’s English and the Office of International and Cross-strait Affairs (OICA), they visited two elementary schools in Taichung and Changhua for English teaching observation. The partnership between NCUE and Aichi has a long history. Both universities look forward to deepening cooperation in aspects of teaching, research, student exchange, etc.

The Overseas Chinese Student Association (OCSA) at NCUE hosted a Chinese New Year gala with a welcome party for overseas Chinese and international students in an evening of the first week of the semester. Li-Ying Lai, Director General of the Department of Expatriate Affairs at the Overseas Community Affairs Council (OCAC), who was impressed by the vivaciousness and politeness of NCUE overseas students, expressed her hope that the students dedicate to their studies and enjoy the learning journey at NCUE.


Before the semester started, the Office of International and Cross-strait Affairs (OICA) hosted an orientation for 55 exchange students from Mainland China, German, Korea, Japan and Spain. When addressing the occasion, OICA Dean Cindy Huang encouraged students to travel around Taiwan to open horizons and invited them to assume the role of reinforcing the relationships between NCUE and their home universities. She expressed her hope that studying at NCUE becomes a memorable experience for the students. 


Some overseas students at NCUE are not going back to their homelands during the Chinese New Year Spring Festival. The Office of International and Cross-strait Affairs (OICA) gave a gift of a red envelope to each of the students staying in Taiwan. OICA extended greetings for a happy New Year to the students and encouraged them to further explore local traditions and customs during the Spring Festival, hoping they enjoy the warm New Year atmosphere in the winter months of Taiwan.