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On the first day of this semester, the Office of International and Cross-Strait Affairs (OICA) organized a welcome reception for all international exchange students. President Yen-Kuang Kuo encouraged the students to travel around to better understand Taiwan. He also expressed his wish that they have a nice learning experience in Taiwan. He added that they are always welcome to contact the OICA whenever they are in need.


The Chinese Cultural Camp (the Camp) for Thai students hosted by NCUE ended successfully. The two-week activity not only deepens the friendship between NCUE and its partner university in Thailand but also competently plays an important role in extending NCUE’s connection with “New Southbound Policy” countries. During the closing ceremony, the students displayed their learning accomplishments by showing their calligraphy, drawings made on Peking opera masks, works of paper cutting and sky lanterns, and performance of Chinese songs. They also expressed their gratitude to the teachers and school buddies. It’s hard to say goodbye and the students from both sides look forward to seeing each other again!

Following the visit of the Hong Kong delegation, about 30 high school principals and teachers from Macao recently came to NCUE to participate in the workshops on guidance and counseling, and school administration and marketing. According to the visitors, this visit was a very rewarding experience. Based on the fact that NCUE was awarded in 2017 by the Ministry of Education for its excellent international student counseling, NCUE President Yen-Kuang Kuo looks forward to seeing more students from Macao on NCUE campus. NCUE undertakes that they will be taken care of properly. Currently, the number of overseas Chinese students from Macao at NCUE is second only to that of Malaysia.

The Office of International and Cross-Strait Affairs (OICA) at NCUE hosted a farewell banquet for the students from abroad at the end of the semester. During the feast, exchange students shared their learning and life experiences in Taiwan. NCUE faculty and students helping them get over their anxiety about a new environment when arriving in Taiwan for the very first time, the faculty being meticulous with knowledge inspiring students to study, as well as the friendliness and the warmth of the people in Taiwan are treasured by them. The exchange students are grateful to NCUE and their home universities for being visionary and providing opportunities for them to interact with and learn from each other. At the end, the teachers and students raised their glasses to express their good wishes and say goodbye, hoping for seeing each other again someday.

More than thirty principals of the secondary schools sponsored by the Hong Kong Buddhist Association visited NCUE at the end of the year to learn about NCUE’s study environment for reference of their students. When meeting with the visitors, NCUE President Yen-Kuang Kuo expressed his wish that NCUE can attract more outstanding students from Hong Kong. The graduates from Hong Kong secondary schools that have signed the collaborative agreement with NCUE are eligible for the tuition and accommodation fee exemption if they are admitted to NCUE via the individual application or University independent admissions with their principal’s recommendation. Their on-campus housing during their study years is also guaranteed. 

The relationships between NCUE and the“New Southbound Policy” countries have become increasingly close in recent years. President Tran Tho Dat of National Economics University (NEU), one of NCUE’s partner universities in Vietnam, led a delegation to visit NCUE discussing future cooperation projects, such as teacher training, promotion of Chinese language, distance education, administrative management, etc. President Tran Tho Dat also invited NCUE faculty to visit NEU.


A group of 80-some people organized by Japanese “Taiwan Study Support Center” (the Center) visited NCUE at the end of 2017 to get a deeper understanding of NCUE for Japanese high school students wishing to study abroad. In “The Guide of Studying in Taiwan” published by the Center, NCUE is listed as one of the recommended universities. The Vice President Chi-ting Lin of the Center esteemed that NCUE is a quality university with good amenities and that overseas students are well taken care of. Currently, there are three Japanese students in Business Administration, Fine Arts, and Sports at NCUE.


Dr. Hung-ming Ku, President Assistant of Thailand King Mongkut University of Technology Thonburi (KMUTT) and Program Director of the Chemical Engineering Practice School (ChEPS), led a group to visit NCUE in the hope of deepening the partnership. KMUTT gives weight to the integration of theory and practice and emphasizes close ties with industries. Creating internship opportunities for the exchange students from both universities is highly expected.

Hexi University from Mainland China came to visit recently in the hope of building a cooperative partnership with NCUE, particularly laying emphasis upon the fields of teacher training and technological and vocational education. Both universities have been through a major transforming from normal universities into comprehensive ones.

The Office of International and Cross-strait Affairs (OICA) led 216 students from Mainland China, Germany, Japan, and Malaysia to visit Che Cheng and the Sun Moon Lake in mid-October to experience the beauty of humanity and culture of Central Taiwan. The student buddies and international ambassadors trained by OICA served as either tour managers or tour guides. It was drizzling from time to time. However, the students enjoyed the painting-like views of the misty day, gaining unforgettable memories during their trip.