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Student Clubs

Club introduction

Autonomous Clubs

According to Article 33 of the University Act, “Universities shall tutor the students to organize a student association and other related self-ruling organizations consisting of members elected by students of the whole university to improve the students’ study and ability of self-rule. Students are ex-officio members of the student union referred to in the previous paragraph, and the union may charge members a membership fee; the university shall collect the membership fee for the student union. Universities shall establish a student appeal system to receive appeals of the students; the student union and other student self-ruling organizations against penalties or other measures and decisions from the university so as to guarantee the rights and interests of the students.” The department student association is a self-ruling organization required by each department. The cadres include the president, vice president, executive secretary, and the heads of activity planning, P. R., academic activities, promotion, and information sections, etc. Based on the system, there are certain frame and administrative procedure such as meeting administration, and budget exercises. Most importantly, the mission of the association is to provide services to department students and boost student morale to strengthen unity of the department.

Autonomous Organizations

Student Association

Student Parliament

Overseas Chinese Students Association

Union of Graduate

Student Association of Department of Art

Student Association of Department of Geography

Student Association of Department of English

Student Association of Department of Chinese

Student Association of Department of Business of Management

Student Association of Department of Information Management

Student Association of Department of Accounting


Student Association of Department of Biology

Student Association of Department of Chemistry

Student Association of Department of Mathematics

Student Association of Department of Physics

Student Association of Department of Electromechanical Engineering

Student Association of Department of Electronic Engineering

Student Association of Department of Computer Science

Student Association of Department of Electrical Engineering

Student Association of Education Department of Sports

Student Association of Department of Public Affairs and Civic Education

Student Association of Department of Guidance and Counseling

Student Association of Department of Special Education

Student Association of Department of Industrial Education and Technology

Student Association of Department of Department of Finance




Community Service Clubs

Community Service Clubs are created by groups of students who are enthusiastic about community service. In different community service clubs, students can cultivate different professional competences, such as folk style, scout skills, preschool child service, service for persons with disabilities, hospital service, and social service. In order to sophisticate the activities of community service clubs, leaders of the clubs will train themselves. What’s more, they will participate in the seminars hold irregularly by the Ministry of Education, Youth Commission, or other public interest groups to take a look at the learning situation of students’ community service, so that they can do the best of the community service. The activities of the community service clubs in NCUE includes campus service activities, traffic directing at large ceremonies, manpower support of school activities, winter/summer social service teams, life camps, extra-curricular activities and services near Taichung, hospital volunteer service, digital divide service, and disadvantaged children service. Services Committee Regular Meeting is held to co-operate the community service clubs. Every month, the leaders of the clubs will discuss about the pros and cons of the activities and they can learn from each other. During Summer or Winter Vacations, the services committee will bring the elementary and junior high school students to the places in need for service activities. They can not only experience the life of living together but offer service to the locals. Not only do they help the ones in need but also learn the knowledge that they will never learn from the book. Most important of all, they can make friends with a group of people, and realize the importance of communication.

Community Service Clubs

Farm Service Club

Mountain Service Club

Extension Education Service Club

Volunteer Service Club

Wang-wang Club

Dream Makers Club

Scout Club

Chong De Youth Club

Tzu Chi Youth Club

Fishing Service Club





Recreational Clubs

Recreational clubs provide proper leisure activities and bring everyone happiness and harvest. Recreational clubs consist of clubs of music, dancing, martial art, singing and instrument lovers. They hold lectures and offer opportunities of communicating during the semesters. Each club is invited to give performances frequently. They won the national competitions as well. “Play more, learn more.” As long as you have the enthusiasm for learning, you will learn the most matching professional knowledge and techniques after joining the clubs. In addition, recreational clubs often interact with other schools by holding competitions and workshops each year. Recreational clubs also play an important role in each large-scale activity on campus.

Recreational Clubs

Bai-sha Piano Club

Bai-sha Guitar Club(For freshman)

Bai-sha Guitar Club(For cadre)

Bai-sha International Folk Dance Club

Bai-sha Band Music Club

Ku Dance Dancing Club

Bai-sha Harmonica Club

Han-yin Zither Club

Fan-yin String Music Club

Bai-sha Chinese Traditional Music Club

Bai-sha Chinese Traditional Music Club

Bai-sha Mountain-Climbing Club

C Major Key Choir

Bai-sha Sigh Language Club

Bai-sha Fire Dance Club





Academic Clubs

Academic Clubs are different from other clubs. The purposes of club development or the activities are more static. They focus more on the development of humanities and art. These clubs hold a variety of academic and art exhibits and conduct researches in a semester, which are helpful for psychological and spiritual promotion of teachers and students in the school. Academic clubs enrich the members with a wealth of knowledge. They are all-inclusive; no matter what kind of subjects you like – calligraphy, photography, cultural communication, table game, handicraft or religion, you can find your paradise here. It is said that “Learning is like a drill which excavates a deep will of knowledge; questioning is like a key which opens a gate of doubts.” Come and join us! Let’s learn together.

Academic Clubs

Photography Club

Bai-sha Calligraphy Club

Magic Club

Handicraft Club

Xing Ku Club

Buddhism Club

Table Game Club

Leadership Club

Ecology Protection Club

Bliss and Worship Youth Club

Anime Club

Teacher Club

Astronomy Science Club

Bible Gospel Club

Buddha Club

Debate Club

Popularization of Science Club


Bond Poetry Society Club

Middle Way Wisdom Club



Fitness Clubs

Fitness Clubs are for those who have great enthusiasm for exercise. These clubs will usually have outstanding achievements in annual competitions. Large interschool competitions and small games in the club will be held every academic year. Students can not only exercise to gain health but also receive the knowledge from the lectures of the coach. The coach will teach club members the skills and the gestures of exercise, and arrange the training schedule in accordance with the conditions of the club members. Besides, these clubs will participate in the national competitions, hoping to earn a place in the College Cup. The fitness club is just like a big family where schoolmates will offer you advices about life and skills, and where people can find friends with the same interest.

Fitness clubs

Bai-sha Martial Arts Club

Aikido Club

Boxing Club

Extreme Skating Club

Baseball Club

Billiards Club

Basketball Club

Softball Club

Kendo Club






Fellowship clubs

Fellowship clubs are for people to develop friendship. They bring together the alumnus who graduated from both public and private high schools. A fellowship club is formed on the basis of each high school’s alumni association. The aims of fellowship clubs include connecting the affections among club members, helping members deal with problems in life, and improving the interaction between alumni associations.

Committee Clubs

I Lan Students Association

Tainan Students Association

Taipei Students Association

Central District Alumni

Agape Club

Kaohsiung Students Association

Transfer Students Association

Morning Expert Club




Funny Talk Club





Activity Center Club Offices

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C Major Choir, Harmonica






Traditional Chinese Music



Student Insurance, Bliss and Wisdom Youth, Education Promotion



Overseas Chinese Student Association, Astronomy Science Club



Leadership, Gender Queer




Fishery Service, Scouts



Gu Zheng,



Calligraphy, Graduation Committee, Kendo, Bai-sha Fire Dance Club



Handicraft, Tzu Ching



Sign Language, Bible Study



Mountain Climbing




Mountain Service, Doggy



Dream Maker Service



Agricultural Service



Jinde, Student Council, Popularization of Science Club



Volunteer Service






Piano, Boxing



Dance, Skate



Animations, Debate



Magic, Table Games



String, Orchestra



Folk Dance



Martial Arts, Aikido,Baseball Club



Art Center

Pop Music Club