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The Times Higher Education (THE) released the annual Asia University Rankings for 2019 recently. NCUE joins the rankings for the very first time with its place in the 301-350 bracket.

The Times Higher Education (THE) released the World University Impact Rankings on April 3, 2019. NCUE is ranked in the 101-200 bracket in the world. There are 12 universities from Taiwan on the list, in which Tzu Chi University is placed at 67th, followed by the others. NCUE lies in 5th position among the 12 universities. In terms of public universities, National Taiwan University comes out on top at 70th, while NCUE, which is the only one without a medical school among Taiwan’s top 5 universities in the rankings, is in 3th position.

Times Higher Education (THE) published the 2019 edition of Best Universities in the Asia-Pacific Region. NCUE is ranked in the 251-300 bracket. A total of 31 universities in Taiwan are listed. National Taiwan University (NTU) is ranked at the top among these universities, while NCUE is ranked 25th. NCUE’s ranking among public universities in Taiwan is 16. Compared to the 2018 edition, some Taiwanese universities remain constant while most fall. Making its debut with the foregoing place in this ranking, NCUE is internationally recognized


A group of around 50 consisting of Japanese high school students and parents led by President Miho Ambiru of the “Taiwan Study Support Center”(the Center) visited NCUE to learn more about the University. The experience visiting NCUE would serve as a reference for the students wishing to pursue further studies overseas. NCUE is one of the recommended universities by the Center. Two Japanese students indicated in Mandarin that they are planning to study in Taiwan because of their love for this country. Their accurate pronunciation impressed all present at the welcome meeting.


Dean Lu Ming Tien of Strait Chenggong Institute at Wuyi University (WYU), one of NCUE’s partner in Fujian Province of Mainland China, led a delegation to visit NCUE, exchanging views on cooperation in cultivating applied talents. In the past two years, the cooperation in finance field has been positively recognized. WYU looks forward to extending cooperation based on what the two institutions have achieved, and NCUE President Yen-Kuang Kuo looks with favor on it. During the visit, President Lu met with the exchange students from WYU. He expressed his hope that they cherish the opportunity to experience different ways of teaching at NCUE, and share their experience with junior schoolmates at WYU.


President Lin Sung Po of Qilu Normal University (QNU), one of NCUE’s partner universities in Mainland China, led a delegation to visit NCUE. The two sides compared notes on future cooperation projects. Given that both have mutual experience of successfully transforming into comprehensive universities, they reached a consensus about deepening cooperation based on mutual benefit, exchange of assistance, and sharing of resources. NCUE will especially share its experience with and offer study opportunities to QNU in the field of teacher training, such as teaching models and management, and curriculum development.


President of Huzhou University, Li-Chin Zhang, led a group to visit NCUE and signed a Memorandum of Understanding, making the partnership official between the two institutions. Huzhou University is one of NCUE’s 86 partner universities in Mainland China.  

A delegation led by Vice President Wei-Tung Tsou of Longyan University, which is one of NCUE’s Partner Universities in Mainland China, visited NCUE in early December. Both sides exchanged views on future cooperation in the fields of teacher training, sports rehabilitation, special education and innovation and entrepreneurship. NCUE and Longyan have been sharing teaching and research resources for two years. Longyan students have also benefited from positive experiences of exchange studies at NCUE. Both institutions look forward to furthering cooperation in the future.


The Office of International and Cross-straits Affairs (OICA) and Overseas Chinese Students Association (OCSA) hosted a series of orientation activities for new overseas Chinese students, including a welcome party, an orientation, a new student assembly and two-day icebreaker games. Apart from experiencing Taiwanese hospitality and vitality, the new students are expected to be accustomed to the new environment via professional counseling and icebreakers activities that help find their spiritual home in Taiwan.


NCUE recently established a partnership with Global Leadership University (GLU) of Mongolia. GLU is NCUE’s first partner university in Mongolia. Founder and President Otgonbat Barkhuu of GLU visited NCUE recently in the hope of establishing cooperation at various levels, including English and Chinese teaching training, and joint-degree programs. NCUE has been devoted to Chinese language education for overseas students for years. The cooperation between the two institutions may start with it since GLU has been implementing a policy that encourages students to learn Chinese and Korean, among others, to nurture a global mindset for all students.