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The number of newly reported COVID-19 cases continues its upward trend worldwide. Most of the foreign students at NCUE stayed in Taiwan during the Lunar New Year holidays. NCUE International and Cross-Strait Affairs Office (OICA), in conjunction with overseas student associations, organized a series of care activities, including a Spring Festival Party, for overseas students to help them feel less homesick and provide timely assistance.


At the end of 2020 the Office of International and Cross-strait Affair (OICA) hosted a workshop that shared MOE funding resources available for international exchange projects with NCUE faculty, such as the Learning to Build Dreams Program series, the Taiwan Experience Education Program (TEEP), and the Cooperation and Exchange Program- ASEAN and South Asian Countries (aka New Southbound Program). The participants of the event include Dean Yong-ling Lai of the College of Engineering, former Acting Dean Han-wen Li of the College of Science, Director Shu-fen Lin of the Graduate Institute of Science and Education, and Director Jing-fang Li of the Center for General Education. The OICA stated that, in order to encourage NCUE faculty to apply for project funds, the Office will visit the colleges or departments that ask for further information in hopes of enhancing their excellence in teaching and research.

 The end of the year is the time for a family reunion, however, the COVID-19 pandemic makes it hard for international students. To help reduce their feelings of anxiety, the Office of International and Cross-strait Affairs (OICA) and NCUE Overseas Chinese Student Association (OCSA) hosted a series of activities, including Christmas parties, luncheons and field trips, which enabled students to get together to relax and get rid of homesickness.


Following Program Director Lisa Lin’s visit in October, Executive Fulbright Taiwan Executive Director Dr. Randall L. Nadeau from the Foundation for Scholarly Exchange (Fulbright Taiwan) recently headed a delegation to NCUE to renew the MOU between NCUE and the Consortium for Study Abroad in Taiwan (CSAT). NCUE signed the MOU in 2017. This is one of the few channels enabling American students to come to Taiwan for exchange during the COVID-19 era.

During the "International Week" in October 2020, the NCUE Office of International and Cross-strait Affairs (OICA) invited Taiwan’s former ambassador Yu-feng Chu to give a lecture on international etiquette. She combined theories and her practical experience along with on-site demonstrations to show how to behave appropriately on important occasions.

NCUE Overseas Chinese Student Association (OCSA) held a small annual farewell party for the international graduating students despite the COVID-19 pandemic. At the event, OCSA unexpectedly presented a pre-recorded video in which the new graduates’ family and friends, who were not able to come to Taiwan and join the graduation celebration, extended their wholehearted blessings without actually letting the students know. The students burst into tears when seeing the surprising gift because they had not seen their family for a long time. This sweet arrangement and the presence of NCUE President Yen-Kuang Kuo, who is going to resign at the end of the semester, warmed the hearts of teachers and students on the scene.

According to the 2020 Rankings for Taiwan’s Top Universities published by the Global Views Monthly (GVM), NCUE is placed at 14th in the category of Liberal Arts and 8th among national universities. NCUE is second to National Taiwan Normal University in terms of teacher cultivation institutions. 

The Times Higher Education (THE) recently released the latest University Impact Rankings, in which NCUE increased in rank from the 101-200 bracket to 66th place in 2020. NCUE took the second spot, next to National Cheng Kung University in the 38th position, among the 24 Taiwanese universities listed in the rankings. They were followed by National Taiwan University and Tunghai University ranking among the top 200 of the world.


The “2019 International Week” hosted by the Office of International and Cross-strait Affairs (OICA) kicked off in mid-October with a lecture regarding studying in Japan made by Changhua YMCA and got a full house at the event. The atmosphere really livened up when the Japanese lecturer introduced traditional Japanese yukata culture and invited a few students being present to try on this garments themselves.



NCUE Overseas Chinese Student Association (OCSA) hosted a farewell party for the new graduates from abroad. NCUE President Yen- Kuang Kuo attended the party and expressed his hope that the students’ past 4 years at NCUE have been memorable. On behalf of the new graduates, Mine-Tiang Wong expressed her appreciation to the teachers and the Office of International and Cross-Strait Affairs (OICA) for enriching her university life. Their junior schoolmates from OCSA gave their blessings through video clips, creating a warm atmosphere at the event.