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International Students Service Divisions

International Students Service Divisions

(1) Office of International and Cross-strait Affairs國際處(Guójì chù)

  • Transactions: management of exchange-student programs with partner universities, and management of international student recruitment programs
  • Tel: +886-4-7232105 ext. 5112, 5113, 5114, 5115
  • Website:

(2) Office of Student Affairs: Student Assistance Division

  • Transactions: Assistance are given to foreign students, such as residence visa application, entry/exit permission, personal insurance, work information, scholarship application, student training, lecture and study, school clubs, etc.
  • Tel: +886+4+7232105 ext. 5711-5718
  • Website:


(3) Student Psychological Counseling and Guidance Center

  • The center aims to build an environment to mental health and promote

steady mental/ physical development of students.

  • Please visit the student psychological counseling and guidance center’s website for further details:
  • Tel: +886+4+7232105 ext. 1673


(4) Language Center

  • Transactions: Chinese, English, Japanese, and Korean classes are available

to enhance the students’ language proficiency; we also provide language courses for the public as well.


Language Center           Extra activities for international students

                     Language Center                         Extra activities for international students


English café           English oral competition

          English café                                             English oral competition