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More Departments to Develop Dual-degree Cooperation with CSU, Fresno


The dual-degree programs offered by NCUE and California State University, Fresno (CSU, Fresno) are expected to extend to more departments and graduate institutes. Assistant Vice President for International Affairs, Sarah Lam, and the Assistant Professor in Physics, Yongsheng Gao of CSU, Fresno came to visit and discussed future cooperation with a few departments. Other issues, such as how to motivate students and teachers to study abroad, and how to shorten the duration of dual-degree studies were also involved. According to Dr. Lam, NCUE students in dual-degree programs could become a certified teacher in the U.S. by joining one-year teacher training after graduating from CSU, Fresno, enabling themselves more competitive in their careers.

 Currently, the Department of Guidance and Counseling, Department of Business Administration and Department of Physics are operating the dual-degree programs with CSU, Fresno. Aside from giving interviews to the students who apply to CSU, Fresno, Dr. Lam visited the Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering, Department of Mechatronics Engineering, Department of English, Department of Biology, and Department of Chemistry for future cooperation.

There are a number of student teachers at NCUE, and most of them may give up the opportunities to study abroad due to the time pressure of taking additional Teacher Education Program or obtaining employment after graduation. It is expected to establish an online curriculum and develop a common General Education curriculum that fits graduation requirement of all departments so as to shorten the time of studying in dual-degree programs and motivate student teachers to join the programs. Dr. Lam indicated that, after finishing the dual-degree program in the U.S., student teachers may spend around a year taking American teacher training program, pass the test for teacher certification, and be qualified to teach, developing more possibilities for their careers.

On the other hand, both universities tend to develop multiple exchange mechanism, including the arrangement for NCUE teams consisting of graduate and Ph.D. students to visit Fresno research institutes and laboratories, to enhance international experiences of the teachers and students.  

NCUE President Yen-Kuang Kuo expressed his gratification for the consistent cooperation when meeting with the guests and appreciation to CSU, Fresno for taking care of the students form NCUE. Dr. Lam stated that she agrees with President Kuo′s policy promoting internationalization and added that NCUE students have performed well at CSU, Fresno. She looks forward to furthering cooperation in the future.






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