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Receiving Unexpected Blessings from Abroad, Int’l Graduating Students Moved to Tears news


NCUE Overseas Chinese Student Association (OCSA) held a small annual farewell party for the international graduating students despite the COVID-19 pandemic. At the event, OCSA unexpectedly presented a pre-recorded video in which the new graduates’ family and friends, who were not able to come to Taiwan and join the graduation celebration, extended their wholehearted blessings without actually letting the students know. The students burst into tears when seeing the surprising gift because they had not seen their family for a long time. This sweet arrangement and the presence of NCUE President Yen-Kuang Kuo, who is going to resign at the end of the semester, warmed the hearts of teachers and students on the scene.

It was the last time for President Kuo to take part in the international students’ farewell party during his two terms of presidential service. He indicated that this is a very special year when he has to undertake arduous tasks with COVID-19. The school could do nothing but cancel the graduation ceremony, international and oversea Chinese students’ parents could not come to Taiwan to share the happiness of their children’s graduation caused by border control, and there were still some graduating students stuck aboard. However, the building chosen to host the farewell party was one of President Kuo’s eight greatest achievements throughout his term, so this event meant a lot to him. President Kuo also encouraged the graduating students to have a sense of helping others and do good things as many as possible to carry forward the spirit of NCUE.

On behalf of the graduating students, Chen Yu-Tzu gave a thank-you speech, stating that the pandemic kept their parents from coming to Taiwan, but it made the OCSA members closer. They might have experienced the feeling of alienation at times during the past 4 years, but the graduation season brought them together. He wished that everyone find their own way to the future, and never forget the wonderful years at NCUE.

There was a surprise then. OCSA thoughtfully arranged a plot that was not on the event rundown. They secretly collected the video clips from the graduating students’ relatives and friends extending their blessings in their homelands. Through the lens, they revealed true sentiments by singing or dancing, showing their worry, exhorting, or expressing wishes. The graduating students were surprised by the unexpected but touching video show and shed tears when seeing their family, whom they had not seen for quite some time, on the screen. Tears also welled up in many teachers and students present for the event.

A cadre handover ceremony that passes down OCSA’s tradition took place that night. In the end, each of the graduating students expressed their gratitude to those who had offered help along the way, including their family, their schoolmates, and OICA. The scene was warm and touching. 

The other teachers that attended the party included Vice President Ming-Fei Chen, OICA Dean Cindy Huang, and OICA Division Head Hsiu-Hui Chang.

















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