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Zero Hunger (SDG 2)
Does your university as a body provide interventions to target hunger among students and staff? (e.g. including supply and access to food banks/pantries)

Our approach (sdg02-02)

1) The university provides many means of life support to students to ensure that they have steady resources to study. These include student loans, tuition and miscellaneous deductions, financial aids for minority groups, the university’s external and internal scholarships and financial aids, emergency allowances, food vouchers on campus, and part-time vacancies in different university departments. Specifically, the food vouchers on campus are part of an important scheme launched by the university to directly prevent students from going hungry; there are also other financial support means that indirectly address the issue.
2) Besides campus canteens for food, the university has placed instant-noodle and drinks vending machines for students and faculty members to use when hungry or thirsty.
3) The university is located in the downtown area of Changhua where there are many convenience stores and restaurants, which provide students and faculty members a variety of food choices.
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